Groups Of Family Members


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- Photo IDs are left to right -

Howard, Bobby

Dottie, Bobby

Howard, Bobby

Bobby, dottie, Howard

Bobby, Howard

Bernice, Earl, Elizabeth


Earl, howard, John Rivenbark

Elizabeth, Bernice, Dottie, Luella Heagle, James Heagle, Mac Heagle, Bunny Heagle and Queenie Heagle.

Bobby, Dottie, Howard

Earl & Betty Como, John and Elizabeth Como Rivenbark

Bobby, Howard on horse watering trough in front of their Commerce St. home.

Bernice, Elizabeth

Dottie, Elizabeth Como Rivenbark, Elizabeth (Betty) Como, Elizabeth Recore Como.


Elizabeth and Cecelia (wife of Pette)

Dottie, Elizabeth

Earl, Elizabeth, Bernice.

Bernice, Elizabeth

Bernice, Dottie

Earl (with Ted Como), Pete

Royal Recore, son of Paul Recore, and cousin Pete Como

Bobby on ground, Howard

Elizabeth, Bernice

Bobby, Howard

Cecelia, Bernice

Bobby, Howard

Elizabeth, Bernice

Bernice, standing with first husband; John Rivenbark and Elizabeth

Cecelia, Pete, Dottie, Elizabeth Recore Como

Pete, Cecelia, Earl, Elizabeth

Dottie, Bobby

Standing, Elizabeth Recore Como,Vina Lamica, Lena LaBuff, Ernest Schmidt, Earl Como and Dave Wicks. Seated, Edward Cayen, Dorothy Cayen and George Recore.

Standing, George Recore, Earl Como, Ernest Schmidt and Dave Wicks; kneeling, Eddie Cayen.