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Elizabeth Recore Como was born Sept. 12, 1893 at Huntingdon, Quebec. She married John Earl Como Sept. 13, 1911 at Ogdensburg, N.Y., and before she died Dec. 10, 1991, bore 11 children,  3 of whom did not reach adulthood. Below are images of 10 of them at various stages of their lives. These photos, and the 190 others you will find by clicking on the images, all came from her photo album, which was  given by her to grandson Tim Como before she died.

John Francis (Pete) Como


Bernice Como Redmond


Margaret L. Como Pitcher


Gladys Como


Richard Como


Dorothy (Dottie) M. Como Godkin


Earl Calvin Como

Elizabeth Como Rivenbark


William R. (Bobby) Como



Howard J. Como


Not Pictured: Doris Como: 1926-1927

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Images compiled by Ted Como, June, 2001