Other Relatives


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Vina Lamica Schmidt: her mother Helene Recore and Elizabeth Recore Como, were sisters.

Alec Recore, brother of Paul Recore Sr. and Elizabeth Recore Como

Paul Recore, Sr., brother of Elizabeth Recore Como

Salina Recore, wife of Paul Sr.

Jimmy Hoadley, above and left with Howard and Bobby on back in 1938 photo. He was the son of Minnie May Como, Earl Como’s great aunt and sister of his grandfather, John W. Como.

Don Davidson (not a relative but a family friend who took in Elizabeth Recore Como and children in Utica.)

Paul Recore, Sr.

Gladys, left, and Esther Recore, daughters of Paul Recore.

Esther, left and Gladys Recore.

Paul Recore, Jr.

Vina Lamica Schmidt and husband Ernest Schmidt. She was Earl Como’s first cousin.